Ultima III - Exodus
Ultima III

No one in all of Sosaria, not even the Avatar, could have realized that by ending the lives of Mondain and Minax, the Avatar would be orphaning their only child. The name of this unusual child was Exodus, and he was neither machine nor human. Exodus rose from the bottom of the Great Ocean to carry out a campaign of revenge and destruction against the land of Sosaria. So terrible were the forces unleashed by Exodus that the hero whom we would come to know as the Avatar required the assistance of a mysterious being known as the Time Lord to thwart them. And thus it was that the Avatar did deal with Exodus in a similar manner as he had dealt with his mother and father. Since that time much speculation has been given to the potentially immeasurable good such a creature as Exodus could have brought the land had he been persuaded to become beneficent, but I wish to formally disagree with those who say the Avatar should have handled the situation differently.

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