Ultima Online - The Shattered Legacy

Ultima Online is a multi-player role-playing game designed for real-time adventuring over the Internet. Eventually, thousands of people will be able to access this fantastic world around the clock and interact simultaneously with each other and the entire world. Set in the Ultima universe, Ultima Online enables players to adventure in a truly ongoing world. A world where battles are fought with might and mind, alliances are formed and shattered, and both enemies and friends are just as interested in wealth and power as you are. Slay a dragon, form a government, join a guild, craft and sell wares, and meet your friends at the tavern, all while playing Ultima Online.

- Origin

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World Map The World of Ultima Online: The Shattered Legacy.
Pre-Alpha World Map The Pre-Alpha world of Britannia.
Pre-Alpha Britain A map of Britain from the Pre-Alpha.
Screen Shots Screen shots from the Pre-Alpha and Beta Tests.
Music Music from Ultima Online.
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